Dr. Ruvalcaba
Dr. Ruvalcaba
The Community Residency Pathway Program, a partnership between UCSF and UHC which began in July, has received tremendous praise from both community members and staff at the Parlier Health Center. In the five months since its launch, the Resident Family Medicine Specialists or Primary Care Physicians have provided an immense number of services in OB, Pediatrics and Family Medicine.

“Everyone has been very welcoming and courteous since the beginning of the program,” said Dr. Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba, the Program Director. “Our Resident Physicians are experiencing a full scope practice and have adjusted very well to their home clinic in Parlier. The Community Residency Pathway Program has given our Resident Physicians a first hand opportunity to build personal relationships with our patients while developing tremendous experience in the field”. Most recently, the Resident Physicians began developing programs to educate and treat student athletes from Sanger, Fowler, and Parlier experiencing concussions through contact sports.

As the program continues, the Resident Physicians plan to regularly participate in Community Outreach events and initiatives in an effort to build relationships with members of the local communities in which they practice. In 2018, the Community Residency Pathway Program will begin accepting applications for first, second and third year postgraduate residents.
Dr. Ruvalcaba

Family Medicine Residents

Julia Marino, MD
Maryam Moradi, MD
Milad Bahrani, DO
Patric J. Block, MD
Leandra Conley, DO
Michael Geiger, DO
Gayanne Koshkakaryan, DO
Babak Ghavami, MD
Violetta Suleymanova, MD
Rebecca Waters, MD

Hired at UHC


UCSF Program Heads

Ivan Gomez, MD, Chief of UCSF Fresno Family & Community Medicine Residency Program

Arlin Veturina, MD, Program Director, UCSF Fresno Department of Family and Community Medicine


UCSF Faculty at UHC

Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba, MD, Associate Pathway Program Director

Liana Milanes, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor

Danielle Malvini, DO, Assistant Clinical Professor

Ila Naeni, DO, Assistant Clinical Professor

George Neves, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor

Jusel Ruelan, DO, Assistant Clinical Professor

Jasmine Garcha, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor

Zack Bryant, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor



UCSF Faculty

Ingrid Singh, UCSF Residency & Fellowship Supervisor, Family & Community Medicine

Nicole Jernick, MD


UHC Staff

Susan Jensen, Parlier Health Center Manager, Manages Pathway Clinic

Naomi H. Popoff, Volunteer Program Manager, Coordinates On-boarding and Logistics for Residency Programs

Trayce Pedro, HR Manager, Performs Faculty Credentialing 

Sherry Valdez, Residency Coordinator, Medical Assistant

CalViva Grant Supports UHC / UCSF Family Medicine Physician Residency Training in Parlier

A Grant from CalViva Health for $150,000 will help support the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program (FMRP) at United Health Centers to expand physician residency training in Family Medicine over the next year.  This partnership is a huge advantage to the Central Valley as the benefits are threefold: improved access to care, retaining primary care physicians locally and will serve our area’s rural population. CalViva is committed to ensure the Central Valley has a sufficient number of health professionals to meet future healthcare needs and has helped fund the expansion of UCSF Family Medicine Residency Program at UHC. The funding will support expansion of the residents from UCSF Fresno Family Medicine at UHC.


Arlin Venturina, MD, Program Director and UCSF Associate Clinical Professor stated:  “The UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program’s longstanding mission has been to train Family Medicine residents with an emphasis in rural medicine, and to graduate highly skilled family medicine physicians who will work to help meet the growing health care needs of the Central Valley.  We are thankful for the continued support from UHC and the newfound support from CalViva Health.  This new collaboration between UHC, CalViva Health, and the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program will undoubtedly help address the growing health care needs of the Central Valley.”

For more than 45 years, the program has trained more than 400 Family Medicine physicians.  More recently, UHC and CalViva Health have partnered to help support the expansion of the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program at one of its outpatient training sites at UHC Parlier.    Sharing similar missions, the collaboration between UHC, CalViva Health, and UCSF Fresno Family Medicine will increase access to healthcare for many new UHC patients.

"Supporting the UCSF Family Medicine Residency Program was an easy decision for CalViva Health,"  said CalViva Health CEO, Gregory Hund.  "Not only does this program address the Valley's dire need to retain primary care physicians, but it also provides increased access to care in particularly hard to reach rural areas.   Both of those components are key to CalViva's mission and improves the overall health of the Central Valley."

The UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program Pathway based in Parlier, CA began in 2017 with 6 of the 36 UCSF Family Medicine residents providing primary care in their continuity clinic.  The transition into Parlier with a continuity clinic was aimed to improve access to care and to improve health conditions for rural families within the area.  The UCSF Fresno Family Medicine site Director in Parlier, Dr. Juan Ruvalcaba, has successfully trained and recruited many graduates from the program to stay and practice in the Central Valley, including Rafael Martinez MD and Juan Rios MD both currently 3rd year residents who will also be practicing at UHC following graduation from the residency program in summer of 2019.

“I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to CalViva for providing this funding to help support the UCSF Residency Program. I believe it is important for UHC to train and recruit doctors from the Central Valley.  This Grant will help us to expand the program from 6 residents to 12 residents over the next 2 years at the UHC Parlier site and it will be great for the community” said Dr. Ruvalcaba.

And with more than 70% of UHC’s medical providers as past graduates from the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program, the rate of placement of these highly trained physicians in the Central Valley has been very successful. UCSF anticipates increasing the Parlier Residency Pathway to 12 residents over the next three years. This is very positive for the Central Valley and it has been evident that many doctors who enjoy working in the area where they have trained do remain and practice locally.



Interview with Angela Grasser, MD at UHC

Former UCSF Resident 
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