Family & Community Medicine Residency Program Pathway

A partnership between UCSF and UHC has provided an immense number of services in O.B., Pediatrics, and Family Medicine.

Our Resident Physicians are experiencing a full scope practice and have adjusted very well to their home clinic in Parlier. The Family & Community Medicine Residency Program Pathway has given our Resident Physicians a first-hand opportunity to build personal relationships with our patients while developing tremendous experience in the field.

Dr. Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba, Program Director

Learn more about the UCSF Residency Program

Interview with Angela Grasser, M.D. (Former UCSF Resident)

United Health Centers & CalViva Grant

A Grant from CalViva Health for $150,000 will help support the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program at United Health Centers.

Supporting a Positive Expansion

CalViva is committed to ensuring the Central Valley has a sufficient number of health professionals to meet future healthcare needs. It has helped fund the expansion of The Family & Community Medicine Residency Program Pathway at UHC.

Located at UHC's Parlier Health Center.

"We are thankful for the continued support from UHC and the newfound support from CalViva Health.  This new collaboration between UHC, CalViva Health, and the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program will undoubtedly help address the growing health care needs of the Central Valley.”

- Arlin Venturina, M.D., Program Director, and UCSF Clinical Professor

Partnership Benefits

Improved access to care.

Retaining primary care physicians locally.

Serving our rural population.

More than 70% of UHC’s medical providers are past graduates from the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine Residency Program. The rate of placement of these highly trained physicians in the Central Valley has been very successful.

Meet the Team

UCSF Faculty at UHC

Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba, MD

UHC Pathway Program Director

Liana Milanes, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor

Jasmine Garcha, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor

Banujan Balachandran, MD

Family Medicine

Kirsten Winnie, MD

Family Medicine

Ivan Gomez, MD

Chief of UCSF Fresno Family & Community Medicine Residency Program

Ila Naeni, DO

Assistant Clinical Professor

Kulraj Dhah, DO

Family Medicine/Sports Medicine

Muhammad S. Khan, MD

Family Medicine

Sireesha Reddy, MD

Family Medicine

Anirudh Sharma, MD

Family Medicine

UHC Staff

Michael Viveros

Parlier Health Center Manager

Juana Rios

HR Associate, Performs Faculty Credentialing

Sherry Valdez

Residency Coordinator, Medical Assistant

Meet our UCSF Residents

PGY-3 Residents

Luis Cruz, MD

Family Medicine

Tania Zavalza-Jimenez, MD

Family Medicine

Uzoma Ezeuko, MD

Family Medicine

Shayan Zoghi, DO

Family Medicine

PGY-2 Residents

Micah Atwood, DO

Family Medicine

Zuyuan Huang, DO

Family Medicine

Guadalupe Diaz, DO

Family Medicine

Melody Adesuyan, MD

Family Medicine

Sarah Davis, DO

Family Medicine

PGY-1 Residents

Maique Vo, DO

Family Medicine

Sukhmit Pandher, MD

Family Medicine

Mary Leanne Ramos, DO

Family Medicine

Ned Ta, DO

Family Medicine

Anthony Ton, MD

Family Medicine